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What is the Best Gaming Laptop?

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin. Just because you can play Angry Birds or Tetris on your laptop does not make it a gaming computer, ok? When we talk about games here, we’re referring to those graphic-heavy monstrosities where you usually shoot people in a superbly detailed crumbing city, or perhaps an adventure where you have to slash your way around as dozens of different monsters gang up on your laptop screen trying to kill you.

So what is the best gaming laptop? It’s the one where you can play all those games without a problem! What you need in a laptop if you simply want to play games with it include the following:

Great graphics

Speedy performance

Comfy keyboard

Nice sound

Reasonable price

So now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s take a look at the candidates.

The CyberPower FangBook X7-200

If you’re trying to enter the world of laptop gaming gingerly, then this is a worthy entry-level candidate. Most gaming laptops tend to fall in either of two categories: great performance at obscene prices, and cheap price with the features to match. The FangBook X7-200 is a nice compromise, as you can have most of all the high-end features without spending an arm and leg for it.

The thing is, it’s quite heavy for it to be truly portable, and the battery life is quite short. There’s no Blu-ray feature as well.You’ll get a good gaming experience with the Intel Core i7-3630QM processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 675MX graphics processor. It looks really slick with the 1080 display, and the THX sound is nothing to scoff at. The storage is fast and spacious as well.

The MSI GX60 1AC-021US

This one’s another great entry-level performer, although its performance is really geared towards gaming only. You get a high end AMD Radeon HD 7970 GPU, and with that you can play graphic-heavy games at 1080p HD resolution. The thing is, the manufacturers had to give up some raw multimedia CPU power for this capability. This means that you’ll be slower if you have to do some photo editing with this laptop.

You get Multi-monitor Eyefinity support, along with a generous two-year warranty. As for the drawbacks, there’s no touchscreen, no SSD, and the keyboard layout could need some improvement.

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer

Like most of the best gaming laptops in the market, the Samsung Series 7 Gamer sacrifices portability for raw power to play games smoothly. You’ve got a superb CPU/GPU configuration for hitchless gameplay, a dazzling 1080p display, Blu-ray compatibility, and even WiDi. The keyboard/touchpad combination is great, and the battery life is actually longer compared to other gaming laptops. Put it this way: you can come close to the performance of the award-winning Alienware 18, minus the exorbitant price tag.

As for the drawbacks, there’s a mode dial that’s supposed to let you play in either balanced mode or gaming mode. Funnily enough, the gaming experience was actually better at balanced mode!

So what is the best gaming laptop for you? In the end, it’s your choice, although any one of those listed above is a sure winner.

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker: Bringing Hot Coffee to the Table Safely

After going through a new coffee pot almost every year, it was time to invest in one that would last longer than that. Cuisinart is a trusty brand so I decided to invest in the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker which was stated as the top rated coffee makers 2018. It wasn’t cheap, but it was far from expensive at $98.00. Since using the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker, I have been more than satisfied with the results of this coffee maker just like I am with other Cuisinart products. The outside part of the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker does not get hot or too warm. Its stainless steel design is safe to sit on the dinner table around the other food during breakfast. I really like that I don’t have to get up several times for my second or third cup interrupting everyone else’s breakfast. One still must be careful as with any other tall pitcher of liquid which can still be accidentally tipped over. That will never happen to me because I usually drink my first two cups from the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker before bringing it to the table.

The internet lists people’s top problem with the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker as being the lid that screws on the carafe. The only way there will be problems when screwing lid on occurs when you don’t pay attention while twisting it on. I have got the threads cross-threaded once just like any other product that has a screw-on lid but that only says to pay attention to what you are doing. So, those complaints about the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker are simply petty.

A strong five beeps from the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker signals that the coffee is ready so you can come get it while it’s hot. Other coffee makers only give off that weak sound of the last few drips of coffee coming out that you will have to listen for. The Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker won’t let you let your coffee be anything past hot because the beeps are loud enough to hear over other noises and several rooms away.

To me over the last few years, the most important thing to get my day started is that hot morning cup of coffee. As long as I have the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker, I am sure to have it. This unit is easy to operate in the morning when I can barely see and it makes very good coffee. That is all I need and want from the Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12-Cup Coffee Maker to get me going, and that’s what it delivers.

Villaware Uno Pro-Press Contact and Panini Grill

The Villaware Uno Pro-Press Contact And Panini Grill is arguably the best indoor grill. This little versatile gem can grill chicken, meat, sausages, burgers, and makes excellent panini sandwiches. This Villaware grill is perfect for a small kitchen, fits neatly on a small counter top. The grilling surface is nonstick and can easily be cleaned using the unique comb like cleaning tool. It cleans between the grooves and is best used when the grill is still warm. The Villaware grill has a wide range of heating temperature which helps keep the food from burning. Typically steaks or hamburgers would be grilled on high but chicken quarters can be seared on high and then cooked on medium too seal in the moisture. The grill is perfect for cooking a fast dinner, vegetables can also be grilled so a whole meal can be cooked on the Villaware grill. Health-wise, this grill is a good choice for lowering fat content as the fat is directed to a drain area that collects in a small pan. The Villaware Uno Pro-Press Contact And Panini Grill makes delicious panini sandwiches on par with bistro panini. With the temperature control it’s east ti grill the panini to the desired toast level. Panini sandwiches are quick and simple to make,with the only preparation being heating up the grill for a minute or 2. The grill can fit 2 very large panini sandwiches or 4 small ones-such as party size.

When it comes to looks the Villaware Uno Pro-Press Contact And Panini Grill scores high. A sleek die cast aluminum casing that looks like stainless steal makes the grill look great in the kitchen. The handle is large with a black stay cool hand grip handle. After grilling, wiping off the grill is simple and the shine returns.

The Villaware Uno Pro-Press Contact And Panini Grill is like a mini restaurant grill. There are strong hinges connecting the bottom and top of the grill that make it easy to fit wider foods such as thick steaks or high piled panini. The Villaware grill is sturdy and can be stored upright with a little latch that holds it closed. It has the look of a professional grill which is also reflected in it’s excellent function.

The Villaware Uno Pro-Press Contact And Panini Grill retails for about $99.99 at high end kitchen/chef stores such as Chef Central. It is also readily available on line. The grill is well worth more than the price and will be a well appreciated gift for the holidays. I hope you enjoyed reading my panini maker reviews.

Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer Review

Tribest Green StarTribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is one of the Green Star (GS) juicers known all over the world due to their perfect juicing process. From the time Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer was introduced in the juicing market, more positive response has been noticed. Majority of persons who are serious about juicing have preferred this juicer due to its efficient juice extraction, ease of cleaning and operating, multi-tasking and its ability to extract quite a wide range of produce. The juicer’s twin gear patented technology extracts juice by pressing and squeezing hence maintaining all the nutritional value of the juice. Some have said that the juicer provides juice with ‘live enzymes’. Most importantly, Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is also well known for its food processing capability with the most advanced food processing attachments. In short, Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is an efficient, multi-purpose juicer.

Features and Associated Benefits of Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer

* Twin gear mechanism: this system presses the produce slowly with minimal friction thus producing fresh, unheated juice with all the nutrients and enzymes for well being.

* Operation speed of 110 rpm which ensures maximum juice extraction quietly and with care.

* Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is easily dismantled and assembled parts that making cleaning very easy

* The juicer’s handle makes it easy to be moved and it is lightweight.

* Its mechanical process of juicing makes the juicer be able to juice hard vegetables, soft fruits, leafy greens, and wheatgrass, among others. When using Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer, you must not be limited on what produce to juice, like the case for other juicers.

Pros of Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer

i. The juicer produces higher yields from the same quantity of produce
ii. The juice obtained from the juicer is fresh, nutritious, long-lasting, of high quality and healthy
iii. It is easy to be cleaned.
iv. Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer operates quietly.
v. Besides juicing, it can also be used to make baby food, pasta, rice cakes, bread sticks, frozen fruit desserts, whole foods etc.
vi. The juicer can extract juice from almost all fruits and vegetables.
vii. The juicer is made from high quality materials and this is guaranteed by its five-year warranty. This juicer is durable.

Cons of Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer

i. When using this juicer, you might be required to chop the produce before loading because its chute is not that wide.
ii. The juicer is also not very fast compared to other juicers in the market.

Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer Reviews

One user said the following concerning this juicer on “From the day I bought Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer, juicing has never been a hassle. From the first time I set it out of its box, the simple cleaning process, the wide range of produce I juice, I use it for food processing and most importantly, the output I get out of it. If anything, I will always go for this juicer in case I want one. It is one of its own.”

Another customer from said: “I’m a big fan of the Green Star 3000. It was easy to set up and use straight out of the box! The best thing about this juicer is the juice that comes out of it. It’s never heated up and always tastes fresh. I used to have another juicer that I barely used because the juice coming out of it was always warm and tasted bad. With the Green Star, my juice is always the same temperature as my produce, so I know I’m getting all of the goodness my produce has to offer. This really is the best juicer.”


If there are any drawbacks about Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer, its pros definitely surpasses them all. This is a whole round juicer cum food processor with great innovativeness and patented technology. It is a perfect one for me.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05

The Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel, is ideal for rice lovers.  This rice cooker is designed to cook and warm three cups of beautiful, nutritional and fresh rice. For get dried rice that you have prepared before.  This product is perfect for a couple or single person or for the office or home.

This computerized cooker is programmed so that the user can cook any type of rice in a seamless, effortless manner.  From white rice to brown rice to sushi and porridge and more, this cooker only requires the user to make use of the included measuring cups and select the variety of rice being served and push the cook button.  Flavors and herbs can be added and stirred once the cooking has begun.

This stainless steel cooker occupies a small footprint and can sit on any counter-top.  The retractable power cord makes this product look inviting.  During the cooking, the aroma will stir the appetite.

There are many features designed to make for an enjoyable cooking experience.  Stay-cool handles, the enlarged digital clock and timer and the spherical non-interior cooking pan are designed to cook the perfect rice, not too dry and not too moist.

With 45-watts powering the cooker, the cooker can heat quickly and using the quick cook option have the rice on the able in minutes.   The user should always use the included spatula to easily remove the rice.

Users say the heavy bowl distributes heat evenly and the automatic warming mode kicks in when the rice is cooked.  And, there is the convenient timer that notifies the chef that the restaurant style rice is ready.  The rice begins to cook with a gradual warming temperature and after a minute is in the full cook mode that you have selected based on the type rice being served.

The Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel is high-quality kitchen appliance.  It is priced accordingly.  This rice cooker will be in service for many years so there is good long-term value in this product.

How does the BCS work?

A team’s BCS score is the average (technically, the arithmetic mean) of its computer, Harris Poll, and Coaches’ Poll scores. There are six BCS computers.  For any one team, its high and low computer rankings are discarded. Points are assigned in inverse order of rankings – from one point for a team ranked twenty-five up to twenty-five points for a team ranked number one on a particular computer.  The four resulting numbers are added, and a team’s BCS computer score is the ratio of the total to one hundred.  The ratio ranges from 0.00 to 1.00. For both polls, points are again assigned inversely to rankings – that is – a team gets one point if it ranked number twenty-five, and gets twenty-five points if it is ranked number one by an individual voter.  There are 114 voters in the Harris Poll and 59 voters in the Coaches’ Poll.  Therefore, the Harris score is the total number of points divided by 2875 (115 * 25).  The Coaches’ score is the total number of points divided by 1475 (59 * 25).

The “BCS National Championship Game” matches the #1 and #2 ranked teams.  The other BCS bowls are the Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl.  The champions* of six conferences (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, AAC, Pac-10, and SEC) are guaranteed spots in a BCS bowl.  Another team in one of these conferences thats earns a final ranking of #3 or #4 will almost certainly play in a BCS bowl.  One, and only one, champion of any other conference (Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and Western Athletic) automatically gets invited to a BCSbowl with a top-twelve finish or if it has a ranking of #16 or better and is ranked higher than one of the BCS conference champions.  If Notre Dame finishes in the top eight of the BCS rankings, it also is assured of a berth.  Otherwise, to be eligible to play in a BCS bowl, a team must have at least nine wins and a final ranking of #14 or better (or #18, #22 … if necessary to fill the 10 BCS bowl spots).

* Conferences which do not hold championship games may have co-champions.  Conference rules determine which team will get the automatic BCS bowl bid.