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As the disclaimer at the bottom of the page makes clear, this site is entirely independent of the BCS.  BCS Central has one purpose - to provide college football fans with the most accurate and complete BCS information on the World Wide Web.  Unlike at some other places on the 'Net, there is no claim that there is a "guru" here, or that this site is run by someone with knowledge of the inner workings of the BCS which is unavailable to the general public. Aside from the blog and the analysis page, the content of this site is purely factual.  The relevant data is gathered from a number of sources, then combined and presented so that it is easy to find, read, and interpret.  You are especially invited to explore the history section of this site, as its archive is extensive and contains BCS information you won't find elsewhere.

UPDATE: Since the BCS will be replaced by the "College Football Playoff", this site will have a new name and URL before the 2014 college football season begins.  There will be other changes, especially in some of the terminolgy used to describe various statistics that are stored in this site's database and featured in blog posts.  Stay tuned ...

Several tables on this site may be sorted on either ascending or descending values by clicking on the heading of the desired column.  There are also Tweet buttons on some pages - from Other features, including product previews, use scripts from,, and  Your web browser must allow execution of javascript originating from these sites for these features to be functional.  If they aren't working for you, try the following steps for the browser you are using.  

BCS Central

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This site is not affiliated with the Bowl Championship Series, its sponsors, or the polls and computer systems mentioned herein.
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