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2013 Postseason Analysis

Florida State - by rule as winner of the BCS NCG - got all of  the first place votes in the Coaches Poll,  and is #1 for the third consecutive time.  USC, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame and Nebraska entered at #19,  #23, #24 and #25, replacing Fresno State, Northern Illinois, Georgia, and Miami (FL), which were at #20, #23, #24, and #25.  There were 59 voters, since 3 coaches did not participate in the final poll of the 2013 season.

The final Harris Poll of the 2013 college football season (and perhaps forever) was released before the bowls were played.  The postseason Coaches Poll will therefore be compared with the postseason AP Poll..  The top 6 positons are held by the same teams as in the Coaches Poll.  Notre Dame placed at #20, but is #24 in the Coaches Poll.  With the sole exception of the #25 spot, all the teams ranked in the top 25 of the AP Poll are also in the top 25 of the Coaches Poll.  Nebraska is  #25 in the Coaches Poll.  Washington is #25 in the AP Poll

In the era's last postseason pseudo-BCS rankings, there are 7 SEC teams, 6 teams from Pac-12, 3 teams from the ACC, the Big 12 & Big Ten, 2 teams from the AAC,  and 1 independent.  #21 Notre Dame, #23 Washington, and #25 Vanderbilt did not appear in the final BCS rankings.  They replaced Fresno State, Georgia, and Northern Illinois, which were ranked at #20, #22, and #23 in the pre-bowl rankings.  Wisconsin and Duke ended up at #22 and #24 with no help from the computers, while Washington owed most of its pseudo-BCS score to the computers. 

Stanford had 6 victories (over 5 teams) that placed in the pseudo-BCS rankings, and also - according to the computers - faced the toughest schedule of the top 25 teams.

The BCS bowl results are listed -as a group - on this page.  More information can be seen on the pages dedicated to each bowl

The records of the automatically qualifying conferences in games against each other in the 2013 season were::
AAC        6-11
ACC       10-14
Big 12    6-07
Big Ten   10-11
Pac-12    9-05
SEC       17-10

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