Who’s afraid of Peter Wolfe?

Unless you’re some nasty germ, there isn’t much reason to fear Peter Wolfe, who is a medical doctor and professor at UCLA, specializing in infectious diseases.   He describes his rating system here, but not in great detail.  A quote from this article concisely states that the Wolfe system is primarily concerned with “who won, and where the game was played”.

As noted on the computers page of BCS Central, this is the only system that does not publish strength of schedule ratings.  Thus, it is quite difficult to ascertain how the Wolfe system comparatively ranks teams that have not played each other or faced common opponents. Wolfe ranks FCS (I-AA) teams right along with FBS (I-A) teams, but, unlike Sagarin and, to a lesser extent, Massey, Wolfe has not tended to place FCS teams anywhere near the top 25.   Wolfe listed home-field advantage in FBS as 0.575 points.   This is a much lower figure than Massey (2.66) and Sagarin (3.31), but these two include more than just FBS teams in their calculations.

The Wolfe ratings are never published in the weeks before the first official BCS release, again setting this system apart from the other five BCS computers.

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