Jeff Sagarin rates NBA, MLB, NFL, and MLS teams ….

using the same methodology that produces one of a team’s six BCS computer rankings.  The table he publishes on the USA Today site must be read carefully, since teams are listed in order of a composite of two distinct systems: ELO-CHESS, used by the BCS, and PREDICTOR, which considers margin of victory.  In this article, his says his system focuses on “who you play, where you play, and what was the result?”.   Indeed, every BCS algorithm could be described similarly (unless it doesn’t consider game sites), since margin of victory must be ignored.

Sagarin rates FCS teams right along with FBS teams, which can cause confusion when one or more FCS teams are highly ranked.  As an example, BYU was actually #27 in a week’s BCS rankings, but would have seen 28”  in BYU‘s ELO-CHESS column of the rankings table.  This discrepancy was the result of an FCS team, Villanova, being ranked at #27 in ELO-CHESS.

Sagarin publishes his first rankings weeks before the first official BCS rankings are released.  His system is the only one that puts out new ratings Sunday morning, before the official BCS ratings are made public.  Conference rankings are placed on a separate page of the USA Today site.

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