“The Only Original and Unaltered BCS Computer Rankings…”

are [said to be] produced by Anderson & Hester.   There used to be a disclaimer on the site stating that slight changes to the algorithm were made to comply with BCS mandates.   The claim that “The Anderson & Hester Rankings are distinct in four ways”  is also dubious, as the four points listed could be made either partially or entirely by the other BCS computer systems.

No other information about the algorithm appears on their site.  “Their formula factors heavily the conference strength of schedule” according to this article.   For the top ten teams, won-loss records “vs. Current Top-10″ and “vs. Current #11-25″ are listed, suggesting that victories over ranked teams may be weighted more heavily in determining a team’s rating.

Strength of schedule and conference rankings are published on the same page as the BCS ratings.  Only FBS teams are ranked, and there are no rankings that take into account margin of victory.  Therefore, it is very easy to obtain the numbers from Anderson & Hester that are compiled on the BCS rankings and strength of schedule pages of BCS Central.

From 2009 through 2011, Anderson & Hester initially published their rankings two weeks before the first official BCS release.

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