conference home-away records by season and conference

The data mentioned in the previous post has allowed new columns to be added to the tables on the scoring in FBS conference & non-conference games by season and intra-conference games in the BCS era pages.

The numbers in the  “H” column added to the second table show that the Big West Conference had the lowest percentage of games won by home teams.   However, since this percentage is derived from only three seasons of play, it doesn’t seem proper to compare it with the numbers calculated for the other FBS conferences.

At the other extreme, the Big 12’s home winning percentage is significantly higher than those of the other conferences.   No cause or causes for this high percentage can be immediately determined.  Perhaps the fans and stadiums of the Big 12 produce noisier playing environments, to the detriment of visiting teams.   It’s also possible that Big 12 officials are influenced to a greater degree by crowds to make decisions favoring the home teams.

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