“… the press and coaches must not be too loony …”

writes Wes Colley on page 17 of the PDF that details his algorithm (as demonstrated by “comparison of the press polls and my rankings”).   Of the 6 BCS computer systems, only this algorithm has been made public – but a reader needs a strong background in probability and statistics to fully comprehend it.

The system, known as the Colley Matrix, does not take into account sites of games or conference strengths, although Colley does rank the FBS conferences.  The FBS teams are rated along with 8 groups of FCS teams on the rankings page, which also includes strength of schedule rankings, and number of wins over top 25 and top 50 teams.

A unique feature of the site is an application which allows a user to see what effect adding or removing games would hypothetically have on the BCS ratings.


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