“… the most scientific and full-featured system available …

… for analyzing the performance of members of a competitive league.”   That is how the Massey BCS computer system is described on this page; however that claim and the description of the algorithm may not be totally accurate as most of the information on the page is admittedly “older, and may be out-dated or incomplete.”   However, the “Key” at the top is needed to interpret Massey‘s various abbreviations used on his ratings pages.

Massey‘s most detailed ratings page is here – as the note in large red letters makes clear, the rankings used by the BCS are in the column marked as such.   For any one team, several more measurements than just BCS and strength of schedule rankings are listed.   If one is only concerned with Massey in connection with the BCS, this other ratings page is simpler and thus easier to use.   “FBS” can be chosen from the drop-down menu to list only those teams.   The column with a green background holds BCS ratings and rankings.  A points-based ranking is in the “MOV” column, but this is not used by the BCS.

For the 2009 season, Massey’s rankings were discarded third most often among the six BCS computer systems.

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