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A  A team can win, yet its BCS rating decreases.
B  A team can lose, yet its BCS rating increases.
C  takes into account sites of games
D  only system that considers strength of a team's opponents only before games are played
E  only system that publishes its algorithm
F  number of DI games won is more significant than in other systems
G  only system that does not publish strength of schedule rankings
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discarded computer rankings (2005-2013)

System High Low Either Total
A&H 28.92 19.27 2.33  50.52
B 60.77 61.27 2.33 124.37
C 39.22 28.02 2.33  69.57
M 34.18 39.35 2.33  75.86
S 39.67 54.24 2.33  96.24
W 16.17 14.77 2.33  33.27

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