Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer Review

Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is one of the Green Star (GS) juicers known all over the world due to their perfect juicing process. From the time Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer was introduced in the juicing market, more positive response has been noticed. Majority of persons who are serious about juicing have preferred this juicer due to its efficient juice extraction, ease of cleaning and operating, multi-tasking and its ability to extract quite a wide range of produce. The juicer’s twin gear patented technology extracts juice by pressing and squeezing hence maintaining all the nutritional value of the juice. Some have said that the juicer provides juice with ‘live enzymes’. Most importantly, Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is also well known for its food processing capability with the most advanced food processing attachments. In short, Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is an efficient, multi-purpose juicer.

Features and Associated Benefits of Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer

* Twin gear mechanism: this system presses the produce slowly with minimal friction thus producing fresh, unheated juice with all the nutrients and enzymes for well being.

* Operation speed of 110 rpm which ensures maximum juice extraction quietly and with care.

* Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer is easily dismantled and assembled parts that making cleaning very easy

* The juicer’s handle makes it easy to be moved and it is lightweight.

* Its mechanical process of juicing makes the juicer be able to juice hard vegetables, soft fruits, leafy greens, and wheatgrass, among others. When using Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer, you must not be limited on what produce to juice, like the case for other juicers.

Pros of Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer

i. The juicer produces higher yields from the same quantity of produce
ii. The juice obtained from the juicer is fresh, nutritious, long-lasting, of high quality and healthy
iii. It is easy to be cleaned.
iv. Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer operates quietly.
v. Besides juicing, it can also be used to make baby food, pasta, rice cakes, bread sticks, frozen fruit desserts, whole foods etc.
vi. The juicer can extract juice from almost all fruits and vegetables.
vii. The juicer is made from high quality materials and this is guaranteed by its five-year warranty. This juicer is durable.

Cons of Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer

i. When using this juicer, you might be required to chop the produce before loading because its chute is not that wide.
ii. The juicer is also not very fast compared to other juicers in the market.

Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer Reviews

One user said the following concerning this juicer on “From the day I bought Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer, juicing has never been a hassle. From the first time I set it out of its box, the simple cleaning process, the wide range of produce I juice, I use it for food processing and most importantly, the output I get out of it. If anything, I will always go for this juicer in case I want one. It is one of its own.”

Another customer from said: “I’m a big fan of the Green Star 3000. It was easy to set up and use straight out of the box! The best thing about this juicer is the juice that comes out of it. It’s never heated up and always tastes fresh. I used to have another juicer that I barely used because the juice coming out of it was always warm and tasted bad. With the Green Star, my juice is always the same temperature as my produce, so I know I’m getting all of the goodness my produce has to offer. This really is the best juicer.”


If there are any drawbacks about Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe Juicer, its pros definitely surpasses them all. This is a whole round juicer cum food processor with great innovativeness and patented technology. It is a perfect one for me.

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